Clean Your Carpet Alone – Why Not

Thousand Have Cleaned Their Carpet Alone - Why NotCleaning the carpet is time-consuming, hard and dirty work. There are very few housewives, who are up to the challenge. The majority has chosen the other way – they call the people, who have made carpet cleaning their profession. And may I say that, this is a very profitable business. All in all everyone is happy – except maybe your budget.

We live in time of technology. Almost everything is fully automatic – you just press a button and the desired thing(whatever it is) is ready in a matter of seconds. And if there isn’t a machine to do it you can always hire someone – to do it for you. Can you remember when was the last time you washed the dishes or tidy the room or clean the carpet? No – I thought so.

Who Cleans Better? Man, Woman or Carpet Cleaning Company

Women now are so emancipated, they want to be equal to men to prove they can do everything too. And quite frankly most of them succeed. But if they want a career, they have to work at least twice as hard as men do. That means less time for everything we want to do. And it is very hard to find the balance between work and social life. Can you imagine a business woman cleaning the carpet? The time when women stayed at home and all they did was taking care of men and children is long gone.

The tendency is that men became some sort of “housewives” – they cook, clean, tidy. All in all they do the things that a woman is supposed to do. Isn’t that strange? I mean it’s very sexy to watch a man in the kitchen, but personally I prefer the tradition. A man is supposed to work and make money and a woman is supposed to take care of him when he returns from a hard day at the office. The meal should be cooked and the house cleaned up.

Before you all feminists spit me I want to say: You can live in both worlds. You can be the woman that all men fear at work and at the same time the housewife all men die to be with. How much time do you think it takes to clean the house? If you do it the right way not more than two hours for everything. The most time-consuming thing to clean is the carpet, it alone takes half of the time.

Think which way if you prefer the carpet to be cleaned? You can do it all by yourself it’s not that hard. The alternative I think is better - call the professionals.

Author Jane Andersen writes for All Carpets Cleaned – a company providing carpet cleaning in Battersea SW11 London, with a 100% Clean Guarantee by screened and trained carpet cleaners.

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