Make Your Home Green With Three Simple Changes

Green-Home-01By turning your home into a greener place you gain at three different aspects all at the price of one. First of all, green grows more and more into fashion in recent years, so by adopting this approach you will be creating a modern home of your own. Then again, green is mostly about energy-efficiency, so by applying the following strategies you will actually manage to save money on resources that were practically being wasted till the current date. And finally, a green home is environment-friendly, so you will contribute to solving one of the major problems that mankind faces nowadays. Continue reading

Adopt the “Divide and Conquer” Attitude for Well-Organized Home

organized homeIf you look at any well-organized home, you will notice that they all have a few things in common. One of the most prominent commonalities is that most things that take up space are categorized and contained. Categorized and contained are two words that you want to keep in mind at all times when decluttering every area of your home. Those two words alone are key for any plan for conquering clutter. Even if you did nothing else to declutter, categorizing and containing would go a long ways toward an organized home. Continue reading