Quick Tips for Cleaning with Vinegar

London cleanersA professional cleaner from London will share with you some quick tips for cleaning with vinegar. Follow the guidelines and make your cleaning easier and even more effective.

We don’t need hiring the professional London cleaners, because we can save money and just clean with natural products. Read the quick tips for cleaning with vinegar and make the cleaning easier and even funnier!

1.Cleaning the inside of the washing machine can be quite a task. Not when using vinegar though! Pour a cup of it and run an empty cycle. You should do that monthly.

2.Removing mineral deposits from a coffee maker is not that hard as it sounds. Fill the reservoir with a cup of white vinegar and run a cycle. Run the maker a couple of times with clear water and even your coffee will taste better.

3.Place a slice of bread soaked in white vinegar inside your lunch box. You will get rid of the odours for less than a few hours.

4.You can clean metals with vinegar as well. Make a cleaning solution by adding white vinegar to two tablespoons of cream of tartar. Make a paste and use it to rub the surface. Let it dry and then rinse. To avoid rust, use a cloth to dry the surface.

5.Prevent appearance of ants by spraying a solution of white vinegar and water in equal parts. That will keep them away for sure!

You can find many more quick tips for cleaning with vinegar. That will save you some money on hiring a cleaner from London for sure. For serious situations though, don’t risk!


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