How to Clean the Door

cleaning LondonWe rarely remember to clean the door, but it can collect a lot of dust, if you don’t wipe it regularly. If we are talking about the outside door, the dirt is even more. But different doors have to be treated differently, so you can’t clean a painted and a wooden door the same way.

Cleaning London services will help you by sharing some of their best advice on how to clean a door. So follow the instructions below and prepare yourself for one good cleaning, because doors can be sources of dust and dirt.

1. Start by dusting down the door with a dry towel to remove surface dust. Take a broom and tie a soft towel over the bristle end. Use it to brush the angles.

2. Once you’re done with the removal of all the surface dust, you have to wash the door. If you have to remove a stain from a wooden door, make a solution of soapy wood cleaner and water. If we are talking about painted doors, an all-purpose cleaner should do the job.

3. Finally, it’s time for all the hardware such as handles, knockers, knobs and the letter box (the last one is not exactly a part of your door, but it has to be cleaned as well!). Use an appropriate cleaning solution.

London cleaning professionals advise to clean your door regularly and that way you’ll keep away any dust and dirt. Don’t forget that one door can collect as much dust and dirt as walls do. So start cleaning it now!


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