Cleaning with Salt

cleaners Chase CrossDo you know that table salt is not good only for cooking, but for cleaning the house also. There are many uses of salt you might don’t know and here are some of them. Read first and then try to add them to your cleaning programme. For sure you won’t be disappointed.

It’s appropriate to use salt by itself, dissolved in water or mixed with other green products used and known as good cleaners such as lemon, vinegar, etc.

As cleaners Chase Cross advise you can use salt for washing up, for example, if your liquid is over. You may rinse the dishes with water mixed with salt. It’s very necessary to use gloves on your hands in order to prevent your skin from drying.

In the other hand, if you want to have a good general cleaner for all purposes, salt is great, too. Mixed with vinegar it can be used almost everywhere in places such as sinks or glass surfaces, except surfaces from marble or waxed ones, because of the possibility to be damaged.

Salt works well in absorbing grease and oils. If you have such a problem, just spill salt on the oven and let it stand for several minutes to start working. If you find it necessary, you can add a little water and then wipe it up. You will see how easily the liquids are removed from the oven surface.

Cleaners Chase Cross also admire the use of salt for cleaning metal surfaces. Mixed with some lemon it works great in these cases. Other uses of salt are in cleaning the laundry, helping remove burn-on food and so on.


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