Cleaning Tips For The Holidays

House and Carpet Cleaning for The Holidays by All Carpets CleanedAs the holidays come closer we start to remind ourselves about the inevitable Christmas cleaning. During this special time of the year, families gather together and our house needs to be perfectly clean. Being at home with our relatives for several days means that if something is wrong with the hygiene in your house they would notice it.

Make a Cleaning Plan

Making a plan would help you to organize yourself and ensure that you won’t forget about any important details. List all the chores that you have to do and set deadline for each of them, this is not the time to procrastinate. This way you would be able to complete for sure the tasks that need some preparation in advance like washing your curtains, cleaning upholstered furniture, carpets and rugs. You can create a room by room list or merge similar tasks in one category, anyways you would need to make an evaluation of all the cleaning that you need to do. Would you need any help for a specific task? How much time it is going to take? Do you have all the cleaning supplies that you would need? Is there a sequence to follow? These are all important questions that have to be answered to make your plan work. Try to be flexible, do not be over-optimistic about your cleaning capabilities, set more than enough time for every task.

Cleaning Can be Fun

Your plan is worthless if you don’t stick to it. It would be easier to start if you just do it and don’t think about doing it, you have your schedule now do it. Play some fast bouncy music and perform the cleaning dance around the house, you can even turn the cleaning into exercise. Once you started don’t let go, let your phone ring turn off the TV. Give yourself a reward once you are done, celebrating the little victories will reinforce the habit and this is exactly what we want – habitual cleaning and not forced. You can celebrate by drinking a latte or calling your friends to brag about it, not that it is a big deal but you have a reason to feel good, now you can share it.

Carpet cleaning

Despite of regular vacuuming, your carpet needs deep carpet cleaning on a yearly basis. You can do it yourself by hiring equipment but I don’t recommend this, the chances are that if you are not skilled in carpet cleaning you would ruin your furnishings. What I think is a better option is just hiring the professionals to do it for you. There are many old and proven companies in this industry such as All Carpets Cleaned, Carpet Cleaning Care, Fantastic Cleaners and many more which would offer you high quality at a reasonable price. This time of the year is particularly good for this task, you want your carpet fresh and clean when your guest arrive. Not only it lengthens the lifespan of your furnishings but these treatments also improve the air quality inside a room. I am not joking, carpets work as a huge air filters but when the deep layers become stuffed with dust and grime the effect is reversed and this could potentially make the carpet radiate foul odor.

If you are going to call the carpet cleaners, make sure that you check the package deals that they offer and see if you can take advantage of such an offer. Perhaps you have a mattress or sofa that needs cleaning or some chairs, you can save up to 30% by using these kind of deals.

Once your carpet is clean make sure it dries fast, furnishings should not stay wet longer because all the new dust and soil glues into the fibers , you should also be concerned about mold. When the cleaners are gone open as many doors and windows, this will improve the ventilation in your home and the moisture will vaporize faster.

Author Bio: Petar Bo writes for All Carpets Cleaned – a company providing carpet cleaning services in Paddington W9 London, with a 100% Clean Guarantee by screened and trained carpet cleaners.

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