Cleaning Special Types of Rugs

Special Types of RugsSome types of rugs are pretty easy to clean. No need for special treatment – you simply put them in the washing machine, add some cleaning detergent and you have your rug free of dirt and dust. Unfortunately, not all rugs can be wet cleaned. Some types require dry cleaning, while a small part of them need specialist care to return their good looks. Always adhere to cleaning tag, manufacturer’s tag or seller’s instructions.

Follow these tips for taking care of your specialty rugs.

Handmade, Antique and Oriental Rugs

Antique Persian RugPersian rugs allow to be vacuum cleaned like regular wall-to-wall carpets or wool rugs. However, delicate vintage rugs should be protected in the process. Place a piece of nylon over the rug which you can weight down by placing four books at each side of the rug. Then vacuum over the screen. Alternatively, tie the screen over the vacuum attachment and change it frequently as it accumulates dirt. These types of rugs need to be deep cleaned once a year. It’s highly recommended that you hire specialists for the job. To ensure even fading rotate the rug often.


Cleaning fur and sheepskin rugs is pretty easy. Use fragrance-free talcum powder. Sprinkle on the rug and leave for several hours. Then brush through the hair before you shake it out. Repeat the process a couple of times, depending on the length of the fur.

You need to clean the back as well. Use a clean cotton cloth dipped in lukewarm soapy water. Clean dirt and spills. To rinse use another clean cotton cloth dipped in clean water. Allow the rug to dry completely before placing it back.

Woven/Braided Rugs

These types of rugs actually allow to be wet cleaned. However, before and after cleaning check for loose stitching. After you have confirmed your woven rug can be washed by checking its cleaning tag get a pillow or laundry bag and put it inside. Wash in cool water on a gentle cycle. Rinse thoroughly. You can either put it in the tumble dryer on a low setting or place it on a concrete floor outside to dry.

Sisal, Coir and Grass Rugs

These types of rugs have an open weave which allows for dirt and soil to sift through to the floor. Again, use your vacuum cleaner on them regularly and don’t forget to clean the floor, as well. Most of these rugs are reversible, so flip every time you vacuum for even wear. You can clean these natural fibre rugs by yourself. To protect your floors put a towel or plastic underneath. Then scrub the surface with a brush dipped in soapy water. Rinse with clean water.

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