Clean High Traffic Stains from Carpet

You probably live and work near busy city areas and you definitely know how much dust and dirt all your home gets. The windows get dirty more frequently due to the high traffic, the carpets also get many dirt and grey stains and your furniture attracts much dust. The biggest problem of all the ones listed above is the stains on the carpets – you need to remove the stains regularly in order to keep carpets clean and fresh and to avoid the permanent discolouration.

High Traffic Stains

Tips on Good Maintenance of High Traffics Area Carpets

  1. Vacuum the carpets daily

As you will be bringing a lot of dirt and dust from outside, you will need to vacuum the carpets daily in order to avoid stains caused by the soil and dirt that comes with the shoes. This action will help you protect the colours of the carpets and avoid damage on the fibres.

  1. Use mats near the entrances

To lessen the dirt coming into your house and getting embedded into the carpet’s fibres you may invest in buying several durable mats. Place them near the entrances of your home so that they will absorb the most of the dirt and dust coming with the shoes. This will lessen the stains on the carpets inside your home.

  1. Use powdered cleaners

Powdered CleanersIf the daily vacuuming is not efficient enough to clean the stains caused by the high traffic, we would recommend using a powdered cleaner specifically designed for traffic stains. Sprinkle the carpets with a thin layer of the solution and use a soft brush to work the powder into the fibres of the carpet. Leave the solution to work on the area for at least half an hour and then vacuum the carpets to completely remove the powder and the lifted dirt.

  1. Use professional carpet cleaning services

No matter how hard you try to remove the stains and the dirt from the carpet, you will definitely need to use specialist for your carpet cleaning needs at least once every six months, to make sure all the stains are completely removed and the fibres of the carpets are not damaged. The expert cleaning of carpets will make sure all the dirt that is deeply embedded into the carpet is cleaned and no additional damage is caused. You will also need to use professional cleaning for the mats near the entrances of your home.

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