Clean High Traffic Stains from Carpet

You probably live and work near busy city areas and you definitely know how much dust and dirt all your home gets. The windows get dirty more frequently due to the high traffic, the carpets also get many dirt and grey stains and your furniture attracts much dust. The biggest problem of all the ones listed above is the stains on the carpets – you need to remove the stains regularly in order to keep carpets clean and fresh and to avoid the permanent discolouration.

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How to Remove Coffee Stains

Coffee can seem like an irreversible disaster on your favourite shirt or pants, but in fact, coffee stains can easily be removed as long as you act promptly using the right supplies. Remember to treat the stain immediately and you should be able to get rid of it without problems. Here are a few tricks you can use to remove those unsightly brown coffee stains. Continue reading

How To Clean Construction Glue From Walls

Cleaning Company LondonSometimes renovating your walls can leave nasty glue stains on the them. Construction glue is very hard to clean because it’s purpose is to last for a long time. Removing it might damage your walls and you’ll have to redo the construction work. In this article we’ll discuss some cleaning methods that might save your walls.

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How to Remove Fresh Coffee Stains from Carpet

cleaners Manor ParkHaving a coffee stain on your carpet shouldn’t fret you, at least while it is still fresh. You can easily get rid of coffee stains on a carpet as long as you act immediately when the stain occurs. To learn how to remove fresh coffee stains from carpet, simply follow the steps below. Continue reading

Dad Cleans the Bathroom

cleaners LondonIt might be a bit unusual to see a man who is cleaning the house regularly. Well, unusual, but not impossible! In this article, cleaning London experts will give a few tips on how to clean a bathroom in just a few easy-to-learn steps for all the men who want to participate in the cleaning process. Dad cleans a bathroom? That won’t be such an unexpected event any more. Continue reading

How to Get Ink Out of Leather

cleaners Collier's WoodAn ink stain will remain visible on your leather item for years if you don’t take any measures to remove it. Although, ink stains often look impossible to get rid of, it is actually not that hard if you know how to treat them properly. Follow the steps below and learn how to get ink out of leather quickly and easily. Continue reading