Make Your Home Green With Three Simple Changes

Green-Home-01By turning your home into a greener place you gain at three different aspects all at the price of one. First of all, green grows more and more into fashion in recent years, so by adopting this approach you will be creating a modern home of your own. Then again, green is mostly about energy-efficiency, so by applying the following strategies you will actually manage to save money on resources that were practically being wasted till the current date. And finally, a green home is environment-friendly, so you will contribute to solving one of the major problems that mankind faces nowadays. Continue reading

Cleaning Special Types of Rugs

Special Types of RugsSome types of rugs are pretty easy to clean. No need for special treatment – you simply put them in the washing machine, add some cleaning detergent and you have your rug free of dirt and dust. Unfortunately, not all rugs can be wet cleaned. Some types require dry cleaning, while a small part of them need specialist care to return their good looks. Always adhere to cleaning tag, manufacturer’s tag or seller’s instructions. Continue reading

Cleaning Dining Room Chair Upholstery

Dining Room Chair UpholsteryAs you are using the dining room to serve and eat food it is common to get many different stains on the furniture and the carpets. Big family gatherings and small kinds are prerequisites for food accidents that usually turn to stains. The stains though should not be left to become permanent and you need to take the right actions to remove them and to keep the furniture upholstery clean and the room smelling fresh. Continue reading

Best Facts on Recycling

cleaners LondonDo you know something about recycling except it helps the environment and reduce the pollution? Do you know some facts? No matter what the answer is, you can find the best facts on recycling in the article below. Let the professionals from London cleaning services help you to learn something more interesting about the whole process of recycling. Continue reading

How Much Water You’ll Save, If You…

cleaners LondonMany of you has never think about how to save water. That’s why we are going to share with you how much water you’ll save, if you are doing different small changes in your daily life. Cleaners in London will help with their details and statistics. Continue reading

Dad Cleans the Bathroom

cleaners LondonIt might be a bit unusual to see a man who is cleaning the house regularly. Well, unusual, but not impossible! In this article, cleaning London experts will give a few tips on how to clean a bathroom in just a few easy-to-learn steps for all the men who want to participate in the cleaning process. Dad cleans a bathroom? That won’t be such an unexpected event any more. Continue reading