Being 30 Years Old And Still Living With Flatmates

If someone had told me when I was a teenager that instead of having a nice little family at  the age of 30 I will be living with 3 boys, and having no relationship with any of them I  would have laughed. Unfortunately, now being 30, I have to face the facts and live with the idea that I’m still single.At least I have a “family” and I feel all the negatives from not living by myself every day – there is so much housework to do that I feel like I already have a husband and a few kids. Continue reading

Tips on Choosing an Apartment

move out cleaning London, domestic cleaners LondonIf you are searching for the right apartment just for you, don’t underestimate this task! There are some useful tips you can rely on and find the best place where you are going to spend years of your life. Read them in the article below and consider your apartment hunting. Continue reading