Best Facts on Recycling

cleaners LondonDo you know something about recycling except it helps the environment and reduce the pollution? Do you know some facts? No matter what the answer is, you can find the best facts on recycling in the article below. Let the professionals from London cleaning services help you to learn something more interesting about the whole process of recycling.

Almost everyone knows the main benefits of recycling – reducing the pollution, saving energy and raw materials. Learn more of the best facts on recycling with the help of the cleaners in London.

1.Every time when you recycle a can, you save energy enough to power your TV for about three hours and it’s equal to a half a gallon of gasoline.

2.Every minute, there are produced more than 300 000 aluminium cans.

3.The London cleaning specialists say that if every newspaper was recycled, we could save more than 250 millions of trees per year. It’s a lot!

4.Another fact about newspapers – recycling a stack of a few newspapers just 4 feet high, can save a whole tree!

5.Glass and aluminium can be recycled forever, because they never wears out. The cleaners in London advise you to recycle every single can, glass bottle and other product made of these materials, because only that way, you will really make the difference.

For many more of the best facts on recycling, I recommend that you should contact the experts. The London cleaning professional team of specialists is going to help you with the problem.


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