Hire Professionals for Your Home Cleaning

professional cleanersHome cleaning can be a troublesome task, especially when you have other things to do on your head like completing a work project, watching the kids or taking care of an old member of your family. Fortunately, there are many cleaning companies on the market ready to help you. You may be asking yourself whether it is worth to hire professionals to clean your home, and the answer is YES. Even if you have to spend some more money to use their services, it will be a well-worth investment in the long run, as a clean home means a healthy environment and of course a healthy you. Continue reading

Do You Care Enough for Your Upholstery

cleaners WoodgreenA proper cleaning and maintenance of your upholstered furniture is as important as washing your clothes. Pro-longing the life of your upholstery can be done by turning over the loose cushions from time to time. Fluffing the cushions after washing the upholstered furnishings can also preserve them in a good condition. Continue reading

Handling the Cleanliness and Maintenance of the Office

The peak seasons during the year are challenging for various of businesses. The business owners gladly welcomes these days, duo to the fact that they could increase the profits in short time. But the common regular tasks are has been overlooked many times, thus affecting in efficiency and effectiveness. Continue reading

Advice on How to Clean the Jewellery

c39b623c5a84017050bead81097ad0aaHaving some pieces of jewellery is a common thing these days. No matter how you got them – gifts given to you over the years from friends, family or once that you bought yourself. Depending on how often you wear them or how you store them, these precious little trinkets can suffer from the natural oils from your body, airborne containments and moisture, dust and corrosion. Of course everyone wants to keep their “bling-bling” as shiny as possible and as beautiful as the day you’ve got them. That is not that hard to achieve. I’ll give you some advice on how to take care of them and keep them shiny for a long time.

  Continue reading

Adopt the “Divide and Conquer” Attitude for Well-Organized Home

organized homeIf you look at any well-organized home, you will notice that they all have a few things in common. One of the most prominent commonalities is that most things that take up space are categorized and contained. Categorized and contained are two words that you want to keep in mind at all times when decluttering every area of your home. Those two words alone are key for any plan for conquering clutter. Even if you did nothing else to declutter, categorizing and containing would go a long ways toward an organized home. Continue reading

Cleaning Special Types of Rugs

Special Types of RugsSome types of rugs are pretty easy to clean. No need for special treatment – you simply put them in the washing machine, add some cleaning detergent and you have your rug free of dirt and dust. Unfortunately, not all rugs can be wet cleaned. Some types require dry cleaning, while a small part of them need specialist care to return their good looks. Always adhere to cleaning tag, manufacturer’s tag or seller’s instructions. Continue reading

Clean High Traffic Stains from Carpet

You probably live and work near busy city areas and you definitely know how much dust and dirt all your home gets. The windows get dirty more frequently due to the high traffic, the carpets also get many dirt and grey stains and your furniture attracts much dust. The biggest problem of all the ones listed above is the stains on the carpets – you need to remove the stains regularly in order to keep carpets clean and fresh and to avoid the permanent discolouration.

High Traffic Stains Continue reading

Cleaning Dining Room Chair Upholstery

Dining Room Chair UpholsteryAs you are using the dining room to serve and eat food it is common to get many different stains on the furniture and the carpets. Big family gatherings and small kinds are prerequisites for food accidents that usually turn to stains. The stains though should not be left to become permanent and you need to take the right actions to remove them and to keep the furniture upholstery clean and the room smelling fresh. Continue reading

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